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What is Facial Reflexology?

Facial Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment. Like traditional Foot Reflexology, Facial Reflexology uses specialist techniques to focus on specific reflex points that relate to different areas of the body and encourage the body’s own natural healing processes in the corresponding areas.

An additional benefit of Facial Reflexology is that it also leaves your face looking rejuvenated and fresh. The techniques involved in a Facial Reflexology treatment help to boost circulation and relieve muscle tension in the face, leaving your skin looking and feeling smoother and more toned.

Zone Face Lift

Facial Reflexology & Zone Face Lift. ZFL

I am delighted to offer the one and only Zone Face Lift treatment - a pioneering holistic Facial that works from the inside out, as well as the outside in.

What do I mean by this? There is a lot of pressure on people of all ages to look younger and age well. Zone Face Lift offers a natural facial treatment, developed from specialised techniques around the world that work physically on the face - from the outside - to help tone facial muscles, encourage collagen and elastin regeneration and reduce the appearance of lines on the face. Helping you to feel better from the outside in, as you are happier with your appearance and feel more confident.

In addition to the physical benefits, Zone Face Lift also works holistically, by incorporating Facial Reflexology and natural crystal tools. Together, these specialised tools and techniques are used to stimulate specific reflex points on the face that relate to different areas of the body, helping to create a feeling of deep relaxation and stimulate the body’s own natural healing processes. This allows you to feel rested and rejuvenated, boosting both your health and well-being from from the inside out.

How is Zone Face Lift different from any other facial treatment? Zone Face Lift was created by Ziggie Bergman, one of the leading Reflexologists in the UK, who has created a holistic approach to combine beauty with well-being. The Zone Face Lift has been described as unique facial like no other as it addresses the whole person holistically and works from the inside out, as well as the outside in.

If you would like to find out more about this 12-week program, please do not hesitate to contact me by following this email link.

Facial Reflexology & Zone Face Lift. Facial Reflexology

Zone Face Lift Facial Elixir

Facial Reflexology treatments are carried out using Ziggie Bergman’s award winning Zone Face Lift Crystal-Infused Elixir oil, which when applied using specialised techniques as in Facial Reflexology, can help to reduce fine lines in the face, leaving skin looking radiant.

The Elixir instantly calms the mind, helping to promote a sense of deep relaxation with a blend of natural, 100% organic rejuvenating essential oils, including white sage, rose and Ylang Ylang.

For more information, visit Zone Face Lift, and to see a fun video of how Facial Reflexology can help relax and calm your children, click YouTube.

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