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Fertility Reflexology

Did you know that it takes 90 days for sperm to develop, and around 120 days for an egg to mature?

During this time, the egg and sperm quality can be affected by a number of environmental factors such as diet, lifestyle and stress.

How Fertility Reflexology can help

Reducing Stress

One of the main ways Reflexology can help support you on your conception journey is by helping you to relax and reduce your stress levels. Prolonged periods of stress can affect our fertility in many different ways.

When we are stressed we are not able to absorb nutrients efficiently as our bodies are in fight or flight mode, so blood supply carrying nutrients is diverted to our muscles and adrenals rather than cell growth and repair, including our reproductive organs.

Stress can also cause a number of different hormone imbalances, for instance by causing our Vitamin-B levels to become depleted, which play a critical role in moderating hormones.

In males, stress increases levels of prolactin, which interferes with testosterone and sperm production. High stress levels can also affect the production, morphology and motility of sperm, and can even lead to sperm DNA damage by contributing to increased free radicals in the body.

For women, high stress levels can affect the female cycle by causing irregularities, cessation of ovulation and increased risk of miscarriage.

Medical Issues

Reflexology can offer support alongside medical treatment for health conditions affecting fertility including:

• hormone imbalances
• irregular cycles
• amenorrhoea (lack of periods)
• dysmenorrhoea (painful periods)
• menorrhagia (heavy periods)
• polymenorrhoea (frequent periods)
• oligomenorrhoea (infrequent periods)
• endometriosis
• polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
• fibroids and ovarian cysts
• miscarriage and recurring miscarriage
• secondary infertility

• hormone imbalances, such as low testosterone
• varicocele (testicular varicose vein)
• hydrocele (fluid in scrotum around the testicle)
• prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland)
• low sperm count
• sperm morphology (quality) and motility (ability to swim)

Nutrition and Lifestyle Factors


A diet high in fruit and vegetables, as well as whole grains, nuts and seeds can help to increase your fertility.

• Caffeine - can affect sperm motility in men, as well as increase the length of time it takes for a woman to conceive. It can also increase the risk of miscarriage.

• Alcohol - has a negative impact on sperm motility and morphology for males, and can reduce the quality of the egg in females.


There are several lifestyle aspects to consider when trying to conceive, including:

• Smoking - nicotine is highly toxic in the body and has a significant impact on fertility. For men, it contributes to lower sperm count, poor motility and an increase in malformed sperm. Nicotine also interferes with vitamin and mineral absorption, causing an increase in free radicals that can lead to DNA fragmentation in sperm. For women, nicotine restricts the blood flow to vital organs, including the reproductive organs, which increases the risk of miscarriage, still birth and giving birth to a baby with abnormalities.

• Exercise - moderate amounts of regular exercise can help to manage your weight. Being over- or underweight can affect hormone levels in both males and females, which can impact your ability to conceive.

What to expect during a Fertility Reflexology treatment

I have completed advanced level training in Fertility Reflexology with Barbara Scott's Reproflexology, which provided in-depth knowledge of both male and female fertility, including the female ovulation cycle, the life cycle of sperm, factors that affect male and female fertility such as medical issues, diet, nutrition and life-style, as well as the various diagnostic tests and treatments that are carried out to investigate and assist with fertility issues.

During your initial consultation, we will discuss the various different aspects concerning your fertility and your conception journey so far. This understanding is then used to assess your individual circumstances in order to apply specialist Reflexology techniques developed by Reproflexology to support you with your personalised requirements.

For details of how to book, please see Booking & Prices.

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