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Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology is an incredibly relaxing experience for both Mum and baby, helping to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improve quality of sleep during pregnancy. There are also numerous studies showing how reflexology during pregnancy can significantly reduce pain during labour, as well as reduce the length of both first and second stages of labour (1-4). It is also a recommended complementary treatment throughout pregnancy by Dr Gowri Motha as part of the Gentle Birth Method.

Specialised treatments to support you every step of the way

I offer specialised Reflexology treatments to support you throughout your pregnancy and all the various challenges that may be experienced during your journey, with specific reflex sequences to help relieve morning sickness, low back and pelvic pain, constipation, ankle swelling, balancing hormones, and post-37 weeks preparing the body for birth.

First Trimester During the first trimester, there are lots of hormone changes in the body as well as a lot of mixed emotions while your body adapts to being pregnant. Reflexology can help to balance hormones and emotions by allowing the body to rest and reduce stress levels. It can also help to calm the body and reduce nausea and morning sickness.

Second Trimester During the second trimester, Reflexology can help with lower back and pelvic girdle pain, constipation and itching, as well as continue to help balance hormones and offer support for physical and emotional well-being.

Third Trimester Reflexology can help support the body and prepare for birth during the third trimester, with sequences to help relieve lower back and pelvic girdle pain, constipation, lymphatic drainage to help reduce ankle swelling, and post-37 weeks aid preparation for labour.

Forth Trimester The 12 weeks after giving birth can be a challenging time whilst your baby adapts to the outside world and your body recovers postpartum. Reflexology can help provide emotional support during this transition period by helping to re-balance hormones, as well as physical support by gently stimulating the reflex points of the spine, abdominal and pelvic areas to aid the body in restoring alignment.

You can also bring your baby with you during your treatment so they can enjoy a free mini treatment too!

Maternity Reflexology. Mum baby

What to expect when you’re expecting

I have an adjustable massage table that can be altered according to your preference, and during the later stages in pregnancy allow you to be seated safely in an upright position, as well as lots of cushions that can be added depending on what stage you are at!

Reflexology will be given on the feet and can be adapted to a variety of different sequences according to any physical or emotional symptoms you are experiencing, as well as how many weeks pregnant you are.

For details of how to book, please see Booking & Prices.

Please note, if you have any questions or concerns about your pregnancy it is important to seek medical advice from your midwife or another relevant medical professional.
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Maternity Reflexology. Maternity Reflexology Basingstoke

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